Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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Terms of use

Terms of use Browsing and using this website are subject to what is stated in this document, and they are considered as approval and commitment by the customer:

Reliability and correctness of information

A) The information on this site is based on information obtained from available and known sources, from reports, or from other sources that have been identified as reliable.

However, we have not confirmed the information or have not checked it, and we do not claim to present it as complete, accurate, or reliable information.

B) Mohlel is not responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of using the site or the information displayed on it due to the cause of the disruption or fall of the site, including its various services, whether due to a malfunction in the Internet, or in the computers of Internet providers, or in the customer's computer .

C) In all cases in which there is a contradiction or incompatibility between the information appearing on the site and the information recorded in the Mohlel records, the information recorded in the Mohlel records shall be reliable. Mohlel shall not be held responsible for any damage or loss that may occur as a result of relying on the information appearing on the site.


This site, this information and the programs that can be downloaded from it, and any other matters that are published on it, are subject to international copyright laws.

The use of the site is subject to the terms of legal use in accordance with these laws. Copying, alteration, publication, or commercial use of the information is only permitted after obtaining permission from the copyright holders.

Change of Conditions ...

Mohlel reserves the right to change the site from time to time, including adding and or stopping services, or changing the instructions and terms of the site, or stopping the activities of the site in whole or in part, all by its own decision. The customer does not have the right to file a complaint, the claim, and he is not entitled to obtain any compensation for any damage he claims to have occurred as a result of the change.

Third-party software

The site may allow software to be downloaded.

Mohlel and the producer of the program are not responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of downloading the aforementioned programs, or as a result of using any program that has been downloaded from the site.

The customer's commitment to the terms of use and legality of the agreements

These terms of use are in addition to the contract signed between Mohlel and the customer, and this document does not alter or cancel any condition of this contract.