Saudi Steel Pipe Co.

Trading Name: SSP

Trading Number: 1320

Commercial Sector: Materials

Close price

19.44 SAR

Market Value

991.44 (Million)

Paid Capital

510 Million SAR

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Issued shares

51 (Million)

52 Weeks change












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Announcement Date Due Date Distribution Date Distribution method Dividend per share
2009-12-15 2010-03-15 2010-03-30 تحويل للحساب 2.000 ريال
2010-08-23 2010-08-25 2010-09-06 تحويل للحساب 0.500 ريال
2010-12-14 2011-03-07 2011-03-21 تحويل للحساب 1.000 ريال
2011-09-26 2011-09-28 2011-10-22 تحويل للحساب 0.750 ريال
2012-02-20 2012-03-19 2012-04-04 تحويل للحساب 0.750 ريال
2013-02-18 2013-04-03 2013-04-18 تحويل للحساب 0.750 ريال
2013-07-16 2013-07-17 2013-08-01 تحويل للحساب 0.750 ريال
2015-02-24 2015-04-01 2015-04-21 تحويل للحساب 0.500 ريال
2015-07-07 2015-07-09 2015-07-30 تحويل للحساب 0.500 ريال
About Company


The company owns three manufactories in the 2nd industrial city in Dammam. Manufacturing of Black & Galvanized HFI/ERW steel pipes in different sizes for Water, Oil & Gas Pipelines and other Commercial and Construction applications. Moreover, the company has a service of Hot Induction Bending of different sizes and a facility for Heat Treatment as well. The company produces black & Galvanized ERW/HFI steel pipes in different sizes in its state of the art factory in Dammam 2nd Industrial City according to many local and international standards. The company is accredited by many local and international agencies, and has the API certificate, ISO 9000 & ISO 14000 certificates. The company is also registered with major oil & gas companies in the area plus EPC contractors. The company has a network of sales offices in major cities (AL Khobar, Riyadh, Qassim & Jeddah) for serving its customers in local market, and has another network of agents and distributors to serve the export market. The company sells its products in local and export markets to more than 20 countries. The products of the company are produced according to stringent quality and safety standards and have contentious and ambitious plans for continuous improvement and upgrading of its capacity and services. More than 300 employees are working in the company with extensive experience and high level of professionalism, the Saudization percentage has reached 55%


Saudi Steel Pipes Company was established as a Saudi limited liability company under Commercial Registration Number 2050009144 dated 27 Rajab 1400H (corresponding to 11 June 1980G) The Company was converted into a closed joint stock company pursuant to the Minister of Commerce and Industry Resolution No. 187 dated 03/06/1429H corresponding to 07/06/2008G. The company started production in 1980 with one factory consisting of two production lines for producing small pipes up to 4 and two galvanizing lines. In 1988, a third pipe production line was added and the production capacity was 80,000 metric tons per annum. In 2000, a second factory for producing medium range pipes up to 16 was built with a production capacity of 80,000 metric tons, which raised the total production capacity of pipes to 160,000 metric tons per annum. Since early 2009, continuous upgrading is being carried out on the second factory which includes adding a second finishing line and upgrading the production capacity up to 20. The total production capacity after these upgrades will be 240,000 metric tons per annum. Currently, arrangements are in place to participate in establishing a third factory in Jubail to produce Large Diameter Pipes used in Oil & Gas pipelines up to 60.